Robin Newberry – Testomonial

Mr. Barr,
Today ended the Nutrition class with Jennifer and I wanted to share a few thoughts.
What I have learned in the few short weeks has been phenomenal! The information will not only help myself by the health and well being of my family. From the outset she was very helpful in breaking down the medical jargon and making it [nutrition] easy to understand. I know that the next time I grocery shop my list will be entirely different with the knowledge I have gained by taking this class.

Please bring Jennifer to GCSC(Gulf Coast State College) again and often!

Robin Newberry

Jim – Testimonial

Jennifer: A lady who was one of your Encore students “Hitting The Reset Button” stopped by the office today to inquire about Encore brochures. During our conversation she was thrilled to tell me that as result of your class .. she has lost 50 lbs. That is truly amazing. I asked her to send me an e-mail with that testimonial. You should take pride in the fact that you have remarkably changed a lady’s life. “Kudos”

Karen Rossi – Testimonial

My name is Karen Rossi and I met you a couple of weeks ago while picking up copies of the ENCORE Course Brochure for our church group, Gulfview United Methodist Church located in PCB.  I am the coordinator for Older Adult Activities at our church and I am excited to share your fun, learning opportunities with our 55+ seniors.  Attached is a poster I created in hopes to generate interest within our church.

I have personally attended several ENCORE sessions and have thoroughly enjoyed the learning experiences.  Particularly the course called “Hitting Your Reset Button” instructed by Jennifer Ashby.  All I can say is WOW!!  There are not enough words to describe what a difference this class has made on my life.  As a result of attending her 6 week class and doing my own online research, I have successfully transformed my physical self and have lost 55 pounds since last September.  I have more energy, I feel better about myself and everyone has noticed.  To go from a size 20W to a 12 is quite remarkable, but definitely doable, if you really want to change.

Jennifer’s style of instruction is the epitome of an excellent, passionate teacher.  Accompanied by a great sense of humor helps ease the terrible truth of what corporate America is selling us.  She looks at you square in the eye and tells it like it is when it comes to nutrition, portion control and healthy eating habits.  I believe in what she teaches and I am what you call…  the proof is in the pudding (no pun intended).  One of things that really stuck in my mind is eat like a king in the morning, eat like a prince in the afternoon and eat like a pauper at night.  It works!

In her teachings, she offers a once a week cheat day.  A cheat day is a day you can eat whatever you want, whether it be pancakes smothered with pecans and syrup, grilled reuben with french fries, lasagna and garlic bread, banana split, etc.  This way, you are not depriving yourself of foods you like to eat.  But, as I have realized, my food preferences and choices are very different since I’ve taken her class.

You might think I’ve turned vegetarian, far from that.  But, I have switched from fried foods to broiled foods, eating red meat once a week (eggs, chicken and fish other days), using spices to excite and please my palate, eating more fruits and vegetables, eating sweet potato vs white potato, brown rice vs white rice….   the choices are endless and nutritious.

As I’ve said, there are not enough words to describe the impact this class has had on my life.  I feel like I’m 30 years old (I’m 59) and I’m thinking about writing a book “How I lost 50 pounds without dieting”.  LOL.  Diets never work.  It’s all about making the right food choices.

In conclusion, I will work hard at encouraging our church group to attend your ENCORE program.  It’s all good.

DeVon Hardy Survives Heart attack 5 years ago…

I had a near fatal heart attack five years ago.  When I went in for my most recent series of cardiology tests, my cardiologist remarked that my heart was stronger, the heart valves were functioning much better and the heart rhythm was consistent.  My cardiologist asked what I had been doing to strengthen my body and heart.  I described the nutrition and body conditioning that Ms. Ashby had developed for me and was monitoring on a weekly basis.  Because of the improvements, my cardiologist said I do not need a defibrillator, but only need to maintain my current activities and diet.

It is because of the positive impact she has had on my health and overall enjoyment of life, that I want to endorse Ms. Jennifer Ashby for persons with medical or physical problems.

Jennifer is far more than a personal trainer.  She genuinely cares about each of her clients.  Because of her sincere interest, Jennifer is able to make the training sessions about the person and not just a series of exercises, therefore, building a strong rapport that continues to bring clients back.

Jennifer continually challenges me, whether in terms of weights or routines.  I have never felt bored and never find myself looking at the clock to see how much more time is left.  Jennifer encourages and provides constant feedback.  She exudes confidence, and I can’t feel anything but confident when I am around her.

With Jennifer’s masterful combination of nutrition counseling and body conditioning, retirement has been far better than I had imagined.  My wife and I walked in the Swiss Alps, hiked to castles along the Rhine River, and have toured and golfed in dozens of destinations around the world.  I feel fantastic and strong enough to participate in these activities that, 15 to 20 years ago, would’ve exhausted me.

Whether you or an individual or corporation looking for health improvement, it is in your best interest to partner with Ms. Jennifer Ashby.  Please feel free to contact me for more information.


DeVon Hardy

Jennifer is a motivator

I’m writing this letter on behalf of my business associate and dear friend Jennifer Ashby.

Jennifer has been an inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with, be it the workplace or everyday life. Jennifer is a motivator, teacher and healer; her commitment to her clients is boundless. Jennifer’s work ethic and determination to succeed is evident in the everyday success her clients achieve. In my working relationship with Jennifer I was privilege to the inner workings with her clients, and I was astounded at the level of respect and admiration these people had for Jennifer.

One can only achieve these successes and relationships by being a profound communicator, talking to people not at them, nurturing and supporting, not demanding or belittling. Jennifer is a powerful woman dedicated to her beliefs and follows her moral compass to always take the high road, follow the golden rule and always keep your word. We should send her to Washington D.C. they could her! What a pleasure it was to write this letter.




Domenic Casillo