Jennifer Ashby


Jennifer Ashby

Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Jennifer Ashby moved to the Florida Panhandle after a divorce. “Twelve years ago I received the frightening diagnosis of cervical and uterine cancer followed with many, many tests, biopsies and surgeries. I told myself that after getting through this I would become the healthiest sick person ever.” After her final surgery, Jennifer found her true passion after hiring Michael Beauchamp a NASMCSCS-PT. Jennifer started training with Michael three times a week for eighteen months. She also explored, studied and implemented a holistic approach to integrative fitness, nutrition, and mental wellness to her own life. Becoming certified in Medical Nutrition & Sports Medicine .

“Everything was changing for the better; my overall health, energy level, my physique, and I Wanted to share this with everyone.”

That was fifteen years ago when she quit her corporate job and created The Fit Devil, an enterprise devoted to the well-being trinity of physical fitness training, nutritional counseling, and mental coaching. “In my other career, I was responsible for guest turn around, reversing disgruntled and unsatisfied guests into happy ones. Now I help clients who are unsatisfied with their bodies, energy level, or emotional connections to reset their health button “. The company name came from the manner I sometimes adopt to push some people to their potential, but it’s all about the ultimate goal – a happy, healthy, fit life. The Fit Devil’s first clients were highly motivated former athletes, business people, and public figures who were required to look good for their jobs.

Now, Jennifer’s clients range from 8 to 70 years of age and include those battling health issues such as diabetes type 1 and 2 , hypertension, knee, lower back and joint pain, high cholesterol and obesity. New moms struggling to lose that baby weight and stressed out business people looking for balance. “With many of my clients, our goal is to reduce or even eliminate the need for medication. The full circle approach to healthy living begins by analyzing what clients eat and their fitness habits, and then customizing Nutrition & exercise program that achieves the goals they set. Recently, Jennifer opened a 4,000 square foot facility, where her clients have a safe place for supervised exercise and receives encouragement, counseling and support.

“Many of my clients are uncomfortable in a gym environment. Here, we don’t care about what you are wearing. We are only interested helping you get healthy.”

All clients begin their journey with Jennifer with a nutritional analysis. “We put everything under the microscope and take a look at what you are eating, I encourage all my clients to get back to whole foods, as in our ancestors diet and to stay away from processed food, hydrogenated oils, and artificial sweeteners. Our bodies are not able to break down these substances.”

Jennifer encourages clients to shop at the perimeter of the grocery store opting for free range and other more natural options. She believes parents have a huge responsibility to teach their kids about healthy eating and the importance of exercise, but it can be difficult in this age of video games and fast foods. ‘We need to be aware of the food we serve and pay attention to what we use to fuel our bodies.” The connection between nutrition and behavior is undeniable, and establishing healthy habits in our young people means happier, healthier future generations.

As the Fit Devil, Jennifer believes that everyone needs to establish at least some regular exercise program. “It’s crucial for your heart health, your metabolism to function correctly and for your stamina and endurance.” For those who may be intimidated by fitness programs, Jennifer encourages them to find something they enjoy. The Fit Devil workout strategy is structured for adaptability to all levels of ability and range of motion with an endless combination of exercises that change with each WOD (Work out Daily) to keep it interesting and challenging. “Fitness is not first about what you look like on the outside, it’s about getting and keeping your insides healthy and improved outside appearance naturally follow”.