Domenic Casillo – Testimonial

To whom it may concern,

I’m writing this letter on behalf of my business associate and dear friend Jennifer Ashby.
Jennifer has been an inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with, be it the workplace or everyday life. Jennifer is a motivator, teacher and healer; her commitment to her clients is boundless. Jennifer’s work ethic and determination to succeed is evident in the everyday success her clients achieve. In my working relationship with Jennifer I was privilege to the inner workings with her clients, and I was astounded at the level of respect and admiration these people had for Jennifer.
One can only achieve these successes and relationships by being a profound communicator, talking to people not at them, nurturing and supporting, not demanding or belittling. Jennifer is a powerful woman dedicated to her beliefs and follows her moral compass to always take the high road, follow the golden rule and always keep your word. We should send her to Washington D.C. they could her! What a pleasure it was to write this letter.
Domenic Casillo

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