Brett Ultman – Testimonial


20150216_122223At my latest physical, the Doctor reviewed my blood work, frowned, and stated that she would need to prescribe medication to fix a few issues. My cholesterol was high and I was pre-diabetic! After the shock wore off the Doctor and I decided that I could have three months to try to fix these problems through diet and exercise. My first phone call after leaving the office was to Miss Jennifer.

I met with Jennifer and was immediately put at ease by the plan that she proposed. Jennifer laid out specifically the changes I needed to make in my diet and exercise and why these changes would brings the results I wanted. Over the next ninety days I met with Jennifer weekly to chart the progress and make changes as necessary. During the time Jennifer was great at providing support, knowledge and most importantly keeping me on track when I wasn’t doing what I should have.

I recently completed a new set of lab tests and have lowered my cholesterol to an acceptable level, but, more importantly I am no longer considered “pre-diabetic”! I still have work to do, but, thanks to Jennifer the path to a much healthier lifestyle is much clearer.




Brett Ultman

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