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Jim Barr defies age to pitch baseball on a competitive level, and he can still bring the heat.  Many think Jim can throw a baseball faster, with accuracy, from regular pitching distance, than any man in the world … at his age.  Jim credits his ability to play baseball on a competitive level at his age to:  regular exercise, eating the right kinds and proper amounts of food, but above all, living a STRESS-FREE life.




Some people think that as we age, life becomes less stressful.  That could not be further from the truth!  Questions arise about our health, or the health of our spouse or family members; worries about whether we’ll have enough money to see us through our retirement years; and maintaining healthy relationships, when families and friends are often spread out all over the world.  However, Jim Barr has come to realize that it was his own “stinkin’ thinkin’” that added to his stress level!  And, he set out to change it!

Twenty years ago, Jim concluded that there were four primary reasons why he was experiencing stress:  1) his personal mindset, 2) being a people pleaser, 3) worrying about tomorrow, and 4) not eating properly and exercising regularly.

Given his family history, he should have been concerned, because he lost all of his immediate family members—mother, father, brother, and sister—all to cancer.  So, although he has a strong family history of cancer, as a Biology major he did much research and concluded that even though a person has a family history of cancer, something has to trigger the cancer; either the food we eat, the water we drink, environmental conditions, or most of all … stress!  It is Jim’s belief that stress prevents our immune system from destroying the cancer cells before they multiply, and is the primary cause of most illness.  Jim was determined to counter the conditions that he knew were part of his DNA.

First of all, he “upped his game”, and I mean that literally as well as figuratively.  Jim regularly exercises and eats correctly, restricting his eating only to the 14 super foods, which include spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, walnuts, oranges, blue berries, salmon, turkey and other healthy combinations.  Not included in his diet are:  sugar, salt, bread, wheat products, red meat, fried food, or tap water.  In addition, Jim plays baseball on a competitive level, but … at his age!  For the past two years, Jim has pitched his Tennessee team to victories in the Roy Hobbs Baseball World Series (for players 50+).  So I guess you could say that he is in a “league of his own” considering his age.

Jim’s son, who was an outstanding college baseball player and signed by the St. Louis Cardinals and several others, believe Jim can throw a baseball faster, with accuracy, than any man his age in the world, from a regular pitching distance (60 ft., 6 inches). Randy Hundley, who was a Professional Baseball Catcher in the Major Leagues for 13 years, said  “during my two years of playing and coaching in the Roy Hobbs Baseball World Series, Jim Barr throws the ball faster than any pitcher I’ve seen at his age. He struck me out, so he must be pretty good”.  The speed of Jim’s pitch was recorded at 75 mph on November 16, 2014, while pitching in the Roy Hobbs Baseball World Series in Ft Myers, FL, but it hasn’t come without sacrifice.  For six months prior to participating in the Roy Hobbs Baseball World Series, Jim has a vigorous, two-hour workout, three times a week, which includes throwing 150 pitches without rest in between.

So, these guidelines cover his diet and exercise, but there are three additional ways Jim avoids stress in his life.  Jim —

  • Refrains from second guessing himself

    — by changing his mindset.  Now, whatever happens in his  life, he copes with it by saying to himself:  “Everything happens for a purpose or reason.”  For this to be applicable Jim believes one must be a Believer and trust there is a divine intervention, or divine guidance, in the situations that develop in his life.  Jim has the same hurdles in life that most everyone else has, but he never allows anything to affect him physically, mentally, or emotionally, which is within the power of all our minds.

  • Accept the fact that everyone will not like him

    – This was not an easy dilemma for Jim.  There was a stage in his life when this reality caused him a great deal of stress, but not anymore.  Although Jim tries to treat everyone right, fair, and honest, if people don’t like him … so be it!  Not only is it not a problem for him anymore, it certainly does not cause him any amount of stress.  And finally,

  • Does his absolute best to prepare for tomorrow.  

    If we spend all our time worrying about what happened yesterday and worse yet, what is going to happen tomorrow, then … there is no today!  Jim gives every day, and every person, 150% of his effort.  However, if that isn’t good enough, or he doesn’t meet the expectations of others, oh well!  It no longer causes him stress, because he knows, in his heart, he has done his absolute best.

Jim realizes that he has been blessed with good health, but he believes his body is God’s temple, and he should be obedient to his Creator and use the intelligence he has been blessed with, by eating the right kinds of food, as well as in the proper amounts, and exercising regularly.

By following his own guidelines, mentioned in this article, Jim has not missed a single day of work due to illness during his 15 years at Gulf Coast State College (where he still works every day), and he has never been late for work.  Plus, for the past 20 years, Jim has not had a headache, head cold, upset stomach, or the flu.  In fact, Jim has never even taken a flu shot!  Jim’s weight is the same (180 lbs.) as it was when he was playing college baseball, and his memory is as good now as it has ever been.  Because, you see, Jim believes that just as exercising the body keeps one physically fit, exercising the mind keeps one mentally fit.   Based on the results of an intensive physical exam two years ago for an insurance policy, Jim was ranked in the Top 9% of the healthiest men in the world, and was given a Preferred Plus Premium policy.

Jim’s guiding principle is  borrowed  from the much-acclaimed children’s movie, “Frozen” – when it comes to the stress in your life – just “let it go”!  You’ll be a better person, and live a much happier life, as a result.


Biography of JIM BARR

Jim played college baseball for four years, and as a pitcher had a 33 – 5 record.

While living in Tennessee, Jim was a high school Biology teacher, high school basketball and baseball coach; college baseball coach; high school principal; school district Budget Director and District Superintendent of Schools for eight years.

In addition to his current career at Gulf Coast State College in Panama City, Florida, Jim is a member of the Panama City Beach Rotary Club; serves as President of the Board of Directors for the Advocates for Children (Guardian ad Litem); served on the Board of Directors for The Emerald Coast Miracle League, which was instrumental in the construction of the Miracle League Field at the Panama City Beach Frank Brown Park (a field for handicapped children, and adults, to play baseball); and served on the Board of Directors for the Bay County American Cancer Society.

Jim  pitched his Tennessee team to victories against New Jersey and Boston in the Roy Hobbs Baseball World Series in Ft Myers, and looks forward to many more competitive World Series events moving forward.


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