Glenda Chisolm – Testimonial

Even though I thought I knew a lot about healthy eating, I know that there are always new things you can learn despite what you think you might know. Jennifer has helped me look at a few things differently and given me great ideas that I never even thought about. I’ve learned quite a few things from her about nutrition that panned out for me while working towards my goals. I learned that healthy eating will help me get the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. A couple of the big things that I got out her class was to try to plan your meals a week at a time and try to prepackage certain vegetable ahead of time. That way it reduces the amount of time one spends preparing meals and increases the amount of time available to do other things during the work week. She taught us to think about our reasons for healthier eating, think about some small changes, set an easy goal we can obtain. We’ve always had the physical component of a healthy life styles with exercise classes but it is really nice to have the nutritional component as well. Jennifer plans to introduce different things with the start of each new class and I plan to get as much information as I can from her as long as her class is available to me. Love, love, love her class please continue offering this course.

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