Carmen Perry – Testimonial


carmen perry's before photo   carmen perry's before photo

carmen perry's before photo

The story of “Thunder Thighs”

Approximately one year ago I had big plans for myself- advance in my career as a registered nurse, continue to go to school, and plan my wedding all while trying to main a stress free and happy life. Nowhere in my “plans” did I take any priority to take care of myself. I didn’t put any attention into my physique, much less to even watch what I eat. I slowly started to feel that I was unhappy…with myself in my own body. I knew at that time I was ready to make a full commitment to transform my body and become healthy. However, little did I know that Jennifer would not only transform my body, but also my life.

In December 2011 I began training with Jennifer. Changes were made right away with a nutrition plan and workout plan provided by Jennifer. Initially, these changes were a bit challenging not to mention, what was I thinking starting around the Holidays! Then I started to see results. I felt so empowered by what my body could do in just a short amount of time. I felt more confident, energized, and just overall pleased. As I progressed, I started to feel that my personal goals were starting to shift towards something different. Something that I never would have thought to cross into any of my “plans” and it was…to enter in a bodybuilding competition.

The day I decided to approach Jennifer with my new goal, I felt as if I was setting the bar way out of my reach. I assumed that I was going to be out of place. I meekly asked Jennifer what her thoughts were on my wanting to compete, she reassured me that I could accomplish anything as long as I was willing to make a solid commitment to myself.

I trained harder and longer for weeks. I kept true to my commitment, however, sometimes I would feel weak. Jennifer pulled me through each time I doubted myself inspiring me that I was more than capable of walking that stage with the rest of them…and I did. I walked that stage like a true bikini competitor with the rest of them. My body, mind, and soul has surpassed any and every expectation I had ever imagined. Jennifer made me realize that I can truly reinvent myself!


carmen perry's after photo

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