DeVon Hardy Survives Heart attack 5 years ago…

I had a near fatal heart attack five years ago.  When I went in for my most recent series of cardiology tests, my cardiologist remarked that my heart was stronger, the heart valves were functioning much better and the heart rhythm was consistent.  My cardiologist asked what I had been doing to strengthen my body and heart.  I described the nutrition and body conditioning that Ms. Ashby had developed for me and was monitoring on a weekly basis.  Because of the improvements, my cardiologist said I do not need a defibrillator, but only need to maintain my current activities and diet.

It is because of the positive impact she has had on my health and overall enjoyment of life, that I want to endorse Ms. Jennifer Ashby for persons with medical or physical problems.

Jennifer is far more than a personal trainer.  She genuinely cares about each of her clients.  Because of her sincere interest, Jennifer is able to make the training sessions about the person and not just a series of exercises, therefore, building a strong rapport that continues to bring clients back.

Jennifer continually challenges me, whether in terms of weights or routines.  I have never felt bored and never find myself looking at the clock to see how much more time is left.  Jennifer encourages and provides constant feedback.  She exudes confidence, and I can’t feel anything but confident when I am around her.

With Jennifer’s masterful combination of nutrition counseling and body conditioning, retirement has been far better than I had imagined.  My wife and I walked in the Swiss Alps, hiked to castles along the Rhine River, and have toured and golfed in dozens of destinations around the world.  I feel fantastic and strong enough to participate in these activities that, 15 to 20 years ago, would’ve exhausted me.

Whether you or an individual or corporation looking for health improvement, it is in your best interest to partner with Ms. Jennifer Ashby.  Please feel free to contact me for more information.


DeVon Hardy

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